architectural design

An artist’s work taken out of context seems confused and chaotic. When viewed within the context of society and with the work of other artists the trajectory of their work becomes more clear. It is as if each piece of art is a vector pointing in a similar direction. Taken together the artistic work is indicating where we are going as a culture. This building represents this as an up swelling of ideas that seems chaotic as it pushes up from the ground but organizes itself to form the interactive spaces of the building, literally where people meet and work. These programmatic spaces push the concrete of the city floor up to form interior spaces. The gap in the concrete slabs form a more inspirational space. Leaving us with a notion that there are places and ideas that we have not yet explored. This space is taken up with a sculpture garden and outdoor movie theater that will act as an agora, where ideas will be exchanged through social interaction

Remodeling and Home Design

address:70 south cherokee street 80223

phone: 303.825.2313