architectural design

The residence at Archer Place was designed as a study of constraining requirements. The site is located in a historic neighborhood that had the seeming contradictory requirements of both a blending of historic elements and distinguishing between old and new. The peaked roof was used to anchor the street corner. The 1st floor windows were required to have a vertical orientation. The cedar siding was designed with a 3/8” quirk to emulate the scale of the brick of the neighborhood. The house was laid out around a small courtyard that is protected from the street by a trellis that allows light to come in while providing privacy. The courtyard is surrounded with glass that allows light into the core of the building. Windows are shielded from the busy street with trellis or raised above head height. The modern lies of the stucco house echo the height of the small stucco house that was built onto and the neighboring house to the south.

Remodeling and Home Design

address:70 south cherokee street 80223

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