architectural design

After 10 years of designing unique structures it became clear that to get a building built and detailed to the standards that are reflected in the architectural drawings Solid would have to become a design build firm. In some cases this simply means building a building for a reasonable price. In other cases it means taking matters in our own hands and going to the site and building out details the way the design is intended.


Since starting our first construction project in 2001 we have been building larger or more complex projects each year. The experience has allowed us to take on design challenges from building complex structures to building on difficult sites. The next challenge is to build a more sustainable building. At solid we view each new build as an opportunity to research new building solutions.


A building is built of many different materials. The details where disparate materials come together tends to be complex or costly. Drawing from our background as artists and builders these details are designed to reinforce the architectural idea while making it possible to execute successfully. Having the construction background has informed the way we build in that we are able to see the next 2 or 3 steps down the road.  This also informs the architectural practice in that I’ve seen what the local craftsmen/women can do and can design accordingly.



Remodeling and Home Design

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